Straps to Lash

The strap is a very resilient product that serves to hold pallets or in large cargo or group products. Also uses as a security system to close boxes up to a certain weight.

Width Length Rolls per carton
5mm (pp)0.45 mmTwo
8mm (pp)0.55 / 0.63 mmTwo
9mm (pp)0.55 / 0.60 mmTwo
12mm (pp)0.50 / 0.55 mmTwo
12mm (pp)0.60 / 0.63 / 0.65 mmTwo
12mm (pp)0.73 mmTwo
12mm (pp)0.80 / 0.83 / 0.85 mmOne
12mm (pp)0.93 mmOne
16mm (pp)0.73 / 0.83 mmOne
PET VariousOne
Steel VariousOne