Air bubble

Roll Air Bubble with various measurements and thicknesses.
Material economic, reliable and practical for the safety of their products.

One of the most secure and simple to carry in security.

This product is marketed in roll but is it possible to make bags or formats as per the need of the client.

Width Length Rolls per carton
1.00 Metre Standard 10mm220 MetresOne
1.20 Metre Standard 10mm220 MetresOne
1.60 Metre Standard 10mm220 MetresOne
Mini - Rolls (cut to measure)220 metresDivided by the measurement Standard
2k (Bubble Extra strong)180 MetresOne
Anti-Static (pink)-1.60 Metro150 MetresOne
Bubble 20mm/30mm Thickness150 MterosOne
Bubble c/ print Custom or Fragile150 MetresOne
Bubble printed fragile150 MetresOne
Bubble c/ Kraft Paper75/150 MetresOne