About us

Established in 2009, the Embalagueda,ltd has been evolving on the basis of a sustained growth, having contributed the experience gained from all our employees. The trust of our clients was crucial and gave us the courage needed to evolve and look for the best packaging solutions.

We put at the disposal of the market a wide range of products, and are resellers of many brands of prestige.

We have as the basis of business the trust of both parties.

Packaging solutions at lower costs!




The Embalagueda,lda has as its mission the sale of packaging materials, with high quality standards (efficiency and competitiveness), considering essential the respect of the standards of Quality, Safety and the Environment and the resource, in a sustainable way, the technical means, appropriate materials and qualified human resources.

It is with great satisfaction that the Embalagueda, Lda. has been to show solid growth and the sustained feeling so motivated and ready to face new challenges to maintain the leadership position and continue to meet and exceed expectations.

Attentive to the needs of markets and to think in the future, has as a goal for the coming years to internationalize and expand their area of activity.

The Embalagueda, Lda intends to continue to assert itself as a benchmark of Excellence in the area of Packaging.

The Embalagueda, Lda is governed by the values of excellence, solidity, credibility and integrity, leadership, and innovation, as well as dedication and ambition, which it considers to be fundamental to the success and growth of the Company.